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Transform your business with a Massive Transformative Purpose

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Today I thought I introduce everyone to an idea helping our business focus – Massive Transformative Purpose. I got the idea from the book, Exponential Organizations.

A Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is a statement that defines an organization's ultimate goal beyond just making profits or achieving success. It is a bold and audacious vision that inspires innovation and drives the company toward creating significant positive change in the world. 

For example, our MTP is "Positively impact 1 million businesses."

But MTPs are not just limited to companies; individuals can also have MTPs to guide personal growth and development.

MTP benefits include: 

  • Provides a clear and inspiring vision for the organization or individual to work towards.
  • Helps to align goals, strategies, and actions with a higher purpose beyond just making profits or achieving success.
  • Encourages innovation and creativity in problem-solving as individuals or organizations strive to make a significant positive impact.
  • Attracts like-minded people with the same values and beliefs, creating a community of passionate individuals focused on achieving the MTP.
  • It fosters a sense of fulfillment and meaning in work or personal pursuits, as individuals feel they are contributing to something greater than themselves.
  • It can increase customer loyalty and brand recognition, as consumers are drawn to companies with a solid social or environmental mission.


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