Brightmeds: Customer Care Agent for pharmaceutical startup


Headquarters: Florida


IMPORTANT NOTE: we review every single incoming application and take the time to read through all of them, rejecting those that are not a good match. Having the guarantee that your application will be read, we kindly ask you to abstain from using recycled and generic cover letters. Instead, focus on honestly letting us know why you should work with us. Please read until the end for more instructions.
If you are an experienced and motivated customer care representative who wants to work with a serious, determined and growing company that will provide you with multiple opportunities to increase your skills and grow from within, then keep reading: this might be the role you’re looking for.
We are a fast-growing pharmaceutical startup focused on delivering first-class services to our customers and significantly expand our reach in the near future. We formed our first Customer Care team of 3 people by the end of March, and we already have a team of 10 Care Coordinators that needs to be increased by 4 more members in order to ensure our tickets don’t pile up and our patients are receiving the best service we can provide!
All of our company works remotely and we thrive at doing so. We understand the tricks and challenges that come with being a team but working independently at the same time.
We need you to help us provide outstanding customer service via email, live chat and phone calls. We use Zendesk as our CRM and are focused on building the most efficient environment possible while being guided by experts.
What you’ll be doing:
  • Coordinating deliveries for our customers and informing them of their status, while keeping in touch with our partners and being the voice of our customers.
  • Keeping our customers informed about our processes and workflows, while providing them instructions to use our products and what they can expect from them.
  • You’ll be expected to become an expert in our products and services and inform current and potential customers about our products and services. This is not a sales position, but if a potential customer reaches out with questions you’ll be providing them with information and guidance.
  • Working with your managers on keeping an efficient customer support structure, diligently replying to emails, messages and phone calls but also creating content for our customers.
What we’re looking for in you:
  • You are enthusiastic, motivated and outspoken.
  • You are detail-oriented and have excellent administration skills. You will have to handle multiple tickets and be able to ensure each patient is being taken care of.
  • You ask questions and are not afraid to provide your opinion when you believe something is not being done in the most optimal or customer-friendly way. We are not looking for a yes-person: we want you to help us build and improve our processes.
  • You have outstanding written English skills (you will be tested in them during the selection process) and have little to no accent when you speak. Not fulfilling this requirement will result in a rejection, so you might as well save your time.
  • You know how to step ahead of customer needs and not just provide an answer to their question: you like to make sure that customers don’t have to come back to us.
  • You are not a customer service bot. We are not a BPO call center, so we don’t want repetitive apologies, clichéd thank you phrases and long, empty emails: we are a company and therefore want results and a customer-centered approach.
  • You are available to work at least 35 hours per week. We have coverage between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM (EST), 7 days a week. It would be great if you are available to work at least one day over the weekend, but we can talk about it.
You’ll get bonus points for providing a 2-minute Loom video introducing yourself and explaining why you are a good fit for this role. This is not a requirement, but we use Loom and video conferencing a lot, and we have found that the best candidates are not shy to introduce themselves in order to stand out from the crowd.

*This role will be hired on Upwork

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