CerealBox: Digital Marketing Manager


Headquarters: London

URL: https://www.cerealboxagency.com/

Straight to the point – If this is you the job is yours… 🥳
  • You are an expert on Google and Meta Ads
  • You are great at creating strategies for email marketing (segmentation, personalisation, etc)
  • You know how to set up GA4, Pixels, etc
  • You’ve worked in the marketing/fundraising department for a NGO (this is a BIG bonus)
👉 If you are interested in this position, please submit an application using this link – https://forms.gle/ZoKb6K7m5bY2gSZH9
The boring stuff….
Why should you apply?
If you want an environment to really grow, craft your skill and immediately implement your ideas then this is for you. This isn’t your typical corporate role where you’re just another cog in a big machine. You’re going to get your hands dirty and lead from the front. If that scares you then you should probably move on.
Who the hell is CerealBox?
We are a digital marketing agency based in London, United Kingdom. We mostly work with charities and NGOs in the UK, USA and Australia. Our 2 core services are Media Buying (TikTok Ads, Meta Ads, Google Ads) and creating thumb-stopping content that converts into sales. We also dabble in some email campaigns.
The Basics
  • Full-time (40 hours+) 
  • Monday to Friday
  • Fully Remote (we will provide a coworking space in your local area)
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing & speaking)
  • 3 Month probationary period £1900-£2500 per month salary (GBP)
  • Must be available during UK hours but flexible working hours
Role Requirements:
Media Buying Strategy
  • Build a Media Buying strategy – TOF. MOF. BOF campaigns/budget splits, platform selection (e.g. search/GDN/YouTube)
  • Advise on optimisation – deciding what content to increase spending on, audiences to test, campaigns to stop, etc
  • You will need a deep understanding and hands-on experience of running adverts of Meta and Google
Email Marketing
  • Understanding data segmentation and then building the strategies per journey
  • Work with the Marketing Lead to build email strategies and approve emails
  • Analyse marketing performance with the Marketing Lead
  • Ensure the email checklist is complete before sending
Market Research
  • Research competitors: Research clients’ competitors to figure out what type of adverts they use, what funnels they leverage, the bundles/offers and their brand positioning
  • Social listening – See what people are saying about your client to identify pain points and desires
  • Survey analysis: Working with the Creative Director to analyse the customer survey responses to help build your funnel
  • KPIs/OKRs: You will work with the clients to understand and set KPIs and OKRs and ensure the team delivers
Collaborate with Stakeholders
  • Budgets: You will ensure the client advertising budget is monitored and we do not overspend.
  • Setting timelines: You will work with the team to ensure timelines are set based on the outputs needed
  • Creative input: You’ll be a sound board for the Creative Director to flush out ideas before they present them to clients
  • Liaising with Media Buyers to track winning content and copy. This will then be shared with the Creative Director so they can create new content based on it.
Strategy Building
  • Funnel Building: A key part of your role is to build funnels for the client. This means deciding if the client needs a lead generation campaign (and if so what type of lead generation campaign) a quiz, a retargeting campaign, brand awareness, etc.
  • Outputs: The creative team and developers will need to know how many assets (videos, posters, landing pages, etc.) to build based on your input
  • Building CTAs: You will decide what bundles/offers/products to focus on depending on the clients. KPIs and the potential of the product (this is chosen based on the AOV, LTV and CPA)
Tracking & Attribution
  • Set up tracking on GA4, GTM, CAPI and dashboards via Google Studio
  • Deep understanding of how tracking works and how attributions across multiple advertising channels impact each other

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/cerealbox-digital-marketing-manager