Expert for WP Job Manager Plugin

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I am looking for someone that is knowledgeable in the following plugins:

1. WP Job Manager Pro
2. WC Paid Listing
3. WooCommerce

In a nutshell, all three of those plugins work together to allow multiple job packages. Each package consists of a set number of job listings that the employers can post. While it already has a checkbox to designate featured job postings, it does not allow me to set a limit for each package.

Employer purchased a package for 20 total job listings and is allowed to set up to 5 jobs to be featured.
So, if the employer makes 20 job postings, he is allowed to set up to 5 of them to be featured.

I am looking for the following:
1. Freelancer local in the U.S.
2. Must be fluent in English.
3. Must be responsive in communication.
4. Excellent WP coding and meets WP current coding practices.
5. Very good understanding of the plugins and how to integrate custom code that ties into them using today’s coding practices. Deprecated codes are not allowed.
6. All custom code must be within the child theme including any plugin files that require customization.
6. You MUST assign your signature stamp to all code that you’ve added or modified. Sample:
// by TKG – this code is for limiting featured posting //

If you apply for this job, I request that you provide a strategy or plan on how you will complete this project.

Thank you for your time.