GAMEGRID: Lead Frontend Engineer


Headquarters: Boston, MA


Time Zone: Availability should closely align with Central European Time (CET) working hours.

Company Description

We’re not just another e-commerce venture, and we’re certainly not your typical gaming platform. We’re pioneering a unique fusion of shopping and gamification, trail-blazing our own blue ocean of opportunity set to shake up e-commerce. Users purchase virtual ‘Mystery Boxes’ that consist of their favorite lifestyle and gaming brands and have the items won shipped directly to their house.
As a company, we’re proud to be 100% self-funded, with no venture capital involved (we choose our own destiny!). We have a small team that consists of entrepreneurs, former executives at Unicorn startups, and talented individuals with deep expertise in gaming Our site is currently pre-release (launching on May 1st) with a waitlist of a few thousand people. Check it out here!
Job Description: As our lead frontend engineer at GameGrid, you’ll play a pivotal role in developing, optimizing, and maintaining our cutting-edge web applications and interactive games. You’ll be leading our frontend-engineers, and provide technical guidance and mentorship to them.
Your Day-to-Day:
  • Lead a team of front-end engineers, providing technical guidance and mentorship to ensure the delivery of exceptional products
  • Spec, develop, and maintain efficient frontend components for our state-of-the-art responsive web applications using React and NextJs.
  • Perfect the repeatable process of building, testing, documenting, and deploying high-quality, reliable, and scalable code.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers, designers, and backend engineers, to create a seamless user experience.
  • Utilize CanvasJS for data visualization, SCSS for styling, and Redux for state management.
  • Work with WebSockets for real-time communication and Swagger for API documentation.
  • Integrate push notifications using OneSignal and manage event publishing and product analytics with Firebase/PostHog.
  • Uphold high-quality coding standards and best practices.
  • Review work by fellow engineers and provide feedback.
You’re a perfect fit if:
  • You have a deep proficiency in React and NextJs.
  • You have a solid understanding of TypeScript and experience with CanvasJS.
  • You have a strong skill set in SCSS for styling and Redux for state management.
  • You’re an expert in using Websockets for real-time communication and adept at integrating Rest APIs.
  • You have experience with Swagger for API documentation.
Bonus Points:
  • You’re inquisitive, love learning new things, and take pride in your excellent coding practices and standards.
  • You have strong computer science fundamentals and experience with high-traffic web software development.
  • You have knowledge of Firebase / PostHog for event publishing and product analytics.
  • You’re familiar with OneSignal for push notifications.
As a member of our team, you’ll enjoy:
  • Working with a growing, talented, fast-paced, product-minded team that values your input and creativity.
  • Collaborating with a diverse, globally distributed team and learning from a variety of perspectives.
  • Watching millions of users using the interfaces you build.
  • Competitive salary and benefits package.
If you’re a curious problem-solver who thrives on innovation and enjoys being part of a dynamic, fun-loving team, then we want to hear from you!

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