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I have been using WordPress for years and would like to hire an expert to improve the look, feel and functionality of my website,

At the core, I’d like to have a site that lets me develop my earned media (subscribers, customers, direct buyers). I want to monetize the work that I do, which is creative writing. I have several books out and would like to get users to subscribe to my site and/or a paywall service that would let them download my audio book and other materials from my site.

Here’s a quick list of essentials, but I would like any proposals to include and/or add feature recommendations that will help me improve my relationship with customers and fans.

* A basic, easy to browse, multi-page site (similar to what I have now)
* About, Contact/Subscribe, Portfolio (books, writing, music), Blog (with ability to see archived posts / calendar)
* Buy now – links to Amazon pages / other epub links
* A nice basic theme
* Newsletter: a ribbon that remains static at the bottom of the page (I’ll add a hint of enticement, like ‘win a signed copy of my book’). The newsletter is something I’ve never been good at creating / maintaining and would like it tied to content I create on my site (RSS?) so that updates go out automatically or based on scheduled sends
* Social stuff: connection to Twitter/X; Facebook; Instagram; Spotify (and other stuff as I add third-party sites)
* Integration of a paywall for audio book downloads
* Integration of Patreon / donation links
* Store: let people buy shirts or other items from a store that I operate (although fulfillment would have to be with another third-party resource)
* Calendar – letting people book my time for podcasts, book events and interviews
* Events – speaking, guest, etc
* Analytics integration – is the site selling my book?

Here are a few examples of sites that I like:



I am capable of adding text and/or images to the site so long as I know where to put them and what the tech specs are. Same goes for any media or content related to the paywall products.

I will only respond to proposals that offer detailed budgets and timing and are void of spelling/grammatical errors.