Taking Wireframes in Figma to WordPress

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Revised Posting:

Folks, hello and greetings.

Our US-based website is pivoting to a new iteration and switching to WordPress (the current site uses Drupal), with a new focus on supporting sustainably-oriented local businesses.

We already have mature UI/UX wireframes in Figma. We seek to have those wireframes realized in WordPress, which will entail using Geodirectory and any other plugins you recommend to produce all the business-listing functionality described in the wireframes.

We’ll provide base data for categories, tags, etc., along with images, color guidelines, and buttons as needed.

Please present your expertise in WordPress and Geodirectory by providing links to published work. Please ONLY send links that contain Geodirectory.

Alas, as a green quasi-startup, budget is a concern. We can also discuss equity options.

Thanks very much!