xoangels: Sales Manager/ Head of Sales


Headquarters: Chur, Switzerland

URL: http://xoangels.ch

Only start reading if you have experience in sales! 🙂
Who are we?
XO Angels is an influencer management agency based in Switzerland, and we help influencers to grow and monetize their reach. We are a team of around 12 people and a rapidly growing company.
What would be your position in the company?
As the Sales Manager you will mainly handle and Lead our team of Virtual Assistatns (VAs). You will ensure to keep training them for maximum efficiency and sales potential as well as getting new VAs onboarded. That means together with the strategies and training that we give you, you keep maximizing efficiency and overall growth in the company. Additionally you will implement new strategies and test new ways to improve the system.
Your Key Responsibilities?
Team Management:
Lead a team of around 10 virtual assistants in the Philippines. Your role will be to ensure they work well together and perform at their best.
KPI Management:
Keep an eye on our key performance indicators to make sure we’re always hitting our targets. You’ll also look for ways to make our system even more efficient and help our team grow.
Quality Control & Recruitment:
Oversee the hiring process for new chat agents, from interviewing candidates to making sure we bring in top talent. You’ll also help new hires get settled and start strong.
Script Writing:
Create engaging and persuasive chat scripts that will improve customer interactions and boost content sales on our platform.
Sales through Chatting:
Become an expert in using text-based communication to build relationships with customers and drive sales. Teach others how to master this skill as well.
Motivation & Warrior Mindset
We only want to work with someone who is motivated and driven, here to push his limits, that has bigger goals in life, not someone who will just work for 8hours and then forget about work completely. This is a role with big responsibility and so is the reward!
Creativeness & Analytical Skills
Usually those are two completely different ends of the spectrum. But here it’s important you are creative to find solutions as well as for writing new text scripts, on the other hand you also have to be analytical since you will analyze a lot of data each day.
Flexible Working Hours
Be open to adjusting your schedule to effectively manage and coach the team. Sometimes, this might include answering messages or jumping in outside of your usual work time.
Sales & Operations Acumen
Show strong skills in both sales and operational management, with the ability to create strategies that achieve great results.
Team Leader Qualities
Be able to lead, motivate, and inspire a large team, making sure everyone stays aligned with the company’s goals and culture.
Management Experience
Bring proven experience in leading teams, with a focus on keeping morale high and ensuring productivity.

Communication Proficiency
Have excellent communication skills, especially in written and spoken English.

Why Join XO Angels?
Performance-Based Rewards
Bonus structure linked directly to growth in sales.
100% Flexible, Remote Work
Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere and balance your professional and personal life.
Make a Real Impact: 
Contribute significantly to the growth and success of our clients as well as the company, leading to great opportunities in the future.

Application Process:
If you’re interested, please send your cover letter and CV to cedrik@xo-angels.com Please write in your application “IM INTERESTED” so we know you read everything carefully.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/xoangels-sales-manager-head-of-sales