Massive Transformative Purpose: This Idea Can Change Everything

The massively transformative purpose, also known as massive transformative purpose or MTP for short, is something I came across by accident. A while back, a client wanted to improve the brand’s MTP, which prompted me to research the term.

I near immediately fell in love with the idea. It’s much better than a mission statement.

What is a Massive Transformative Purpose?

In the book, Exponential Organizations, the authors analyzed 100 of the fastest-growing companies and found that each shared a key trait. Every single organization had a massive transformative purpose.

MTP is a “highly aspirational tagline” for a person, group, or organization.

Unlike a mission statement, which focuses on a brand’s aspirations, MTP can also positively impact others. It transcends the company’s goals, and an excellent massive transformative purpose can move teams to achieve seemingly impossible things.

The best MTP is bold, transformative, and inspires action. It’s the “Why” that fuels an entire organization to achieve or solve big problems.

For example, Google’s MTP is “organize the world’s information.” I’ve not seen a competitor with a better one yet.

Key Aspects of an Effective MTP and How to Craft Yours

Creating an MTP is something I’ve been thinking about ever since discovering the concept. Here’s the MTP for Tech Help Canada: “Positively impact 1 million businesses by doing work worth remarking about.”

Now, let’s discuss how you can go about creating your MTP.

What’s great is that the name, ‘massive transformative purpose,’ specifies what your MTP should possess. It should be massive (bold), transformative (has the potential to transform a community, industry, or the world), and purpose-driven (a clear “why” that inspires action).

When crafting your MTP, think about what’s not possible today but can be in the future with some work. In other words, aspire to create a different future that you and your team can be passionate about doing.

Here are some great examples of solid MTPs.

  • Tesla – “Accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.”
  • TED – “Ideas worth spreading.”
  • Magellan Health – “Leading humanity to healthy, vibrant lives.”
  • Google – “Organize the world’s information.”
  • X Prize Foundation – “Bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.”

The above should inspire and help you create your MTP. I’d also recommend watching the following video.

To know if your MTP is successful, try reframing it into a question that can help the business evaluate decisions. For example, Google’s MTP as a question would read something like: is this part of organizing the world’s information?

Why Have a Massive Transformative Purpose?

Having an MTP can make incredible things happen since it introduces a purpose that people within and outside an organization can get behind.

That’s why a lot of fast-growing companies have MTPs. It inspires entrepreneurs, teams, or groups to push further and can spur the growth of communities outside the company.

An MTP will keep all your efforts aligned, making it possible to grow faster and cohesively.

Don’t Go it Alone

Think big, but don’t try to do it alone. It takes a team to achieve mind-blowing breakthroughs. All the giants in existence have entire teams working hard every day to achieve objectives. Purpose can provide you and your team with fuel to keep going through failures and all. It can drive people, give life meaning, and motivate even the most unmotivated. That’s the power of an MTP.

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