How to Find Customers (Five Highly Effective Ways)

How to find customers? Like many entrepreneurs, that’s probably the question you ask yourself every morning. Getting customers is an ongoing challenge, something that many companies face. Without customers, companies can cease to exists.

So, here’s five ways to find new customers and increase sales no matter what you’re selling.

1. Stop Waiting for Customers

You can use a more passive or active approach to marketing. Many who start a company for the first time wait to be found by customers. In other words, these entrepreneurs use inbound marketing tactics to ‘pull’ people to the business.

However, don’t solely rely on a passive marketing approach. Instead, use both approaches but prioritize a more active marketing approach.

Let’s look at some simple examples.

  • Cold calling (active) and guest posting (passive)
  • Cold email (active) and blogging (passive)
  • Door-to-door sales (active) and publishing YouTube videos (passive)

Both marketing approaches require planning and work but differ in the effort and how long you may have to wait. An active marketing approach requires more action from the business, while passive marketing requires little effort.

For instance, once a blog post is published, no follow-up or additional work is required for some time. But when you cold email prospects, follow-ups, scheduling meetings, and other actions may be necessary.

Passive marketing approaches involve waiting for the customer to find you. In contrast, an active marketing approach means going to the potential customer.

2. Ask for Referrals

If you’ve already served some customers, ask each one for a referral. You could say something like, “glad to be of service; do you know anyone that needs help with the same thing or something similar?” And even if you haven’t served anyone, you can still ask friends and family for referrals.

Asking for referrals is a tried and proven way to get customers, but never wait for existing customers to refer to people. Instead, implement a system for soliciting referrals from happy customers. Integrate the system into your sales and marketing processes.

3. Use Video

Video is a powerful way to communicate. For instance, you can introduce your product in a video and show people how easy it is to use.

Many startups and small businesses use video to reach customers. If the video is unique or highly creative, people will share and talk about it. For example, the 2012 Dollar Shave Club campaign was humorous and garnered a lot of attention.

4. Blog Often

Start a blog and publish content regularly. However, the tactic is hard to pull off when you don’t have the money or time to invest. But it’s highly effective when done correctly.

Blogging can help you reach potential customers and nurture existing ones. It helps establish relationships and increase brand awareness. And over time, some of those readers will become your customers. 

You’ll need a way of capturing leads or getting contact information from interested people.

5. Form Alliances

See if you can form partnerships with others, where both parties benefit by referring customers to one another.

Sometimes, these kinds of relationships can last for many years. For example, an accounting company and a business consultant can send client referrals to each other, raising the value of services.

You’ll most likely find customers by using the tips here and adding your ideas. Getting customers isn’t all that complex when you have a plan and take action. Good luck.

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