9 Creative Ways to Market a Business That’ll Earn You Customers

Marketers can get creative blocks sometimes and solopreneurs who are trying to handle their own marketing can get it often. We’ve all been there at some point and this article will show you some creative ways to market your business.

The thing is: it’s important to find ways that you can be different from the competition. When your competitors are overusing your chosen tactics, then you need to spice up your game to stay ahead.

Yes, it’s ok to do the same things that clearly work but there’re always some things that you should do differently.

For instance, if you own a local restaurant and your competitor is mailing out flyers to residences, then do that too but add some other strategy that’ll keep you ahead of them. Assuming that’s all they are doing.

So based on the above scenario, the restaurant owner may also run a Facebook or Google pay-per-click ad that targets people in their locality. Now, not only will they catch the people that threw away their flyers (which frankly is probably a lot!) but also increase the potential number of residents likely to remember their ad.

At the end of the day, it’s all right to copy what your competitors are doing because it’s an effective strategy. But if you’re not adding something extra, it’ll be hard to be one, two or three steps ahead of them.

Little-Known Innovative Promotional Ideas That Work

By now, I know that you’re ready to jump right in, so let’s get started!

1. Write With Chalk or Paint

Yes, you read that correctly and I don’t mean graffiti but that may work too. During one of the federal elections in Canada, I saw the NDP party marketers draw with non-permanent chalk on the sidewalks. Many of them read, “Vote NDP”.

That’s brilliant, right? It’s cheap and as long as you’re not permanently writing on the sidewalks, there shouldn’t be any legal issues. However, you should check with your City to be sure.

You can take this idea a step further by using spray-painted signs. Depending on the rules of where you live, you can spray paint on things like boards, metals and other applicable options. Then take your spray painted-signs and place them in suitable plus noticeable places. Just make sure that everything you’re doing is legal.

2. Doorknob Hangers

Door-hangers work partly because they’re really hard to ignore. For many of us, it’s automatic. We see something on our doorknob and immediately look at it. If it interests us, we’ll keep reading and if not, it quickly goes in the trash. This is why your copy needs to be very focused on the emotional benefit, persuasive and short (same goes for website copy).

3. Hire An Evangelist

This is a person that advocates for your company. Think of them as purchased word-of-mouth. Their job is to convince people to try out your product and keep your existing customers coming back for more. In fact, the right candidates are able to turn casual consumers into loyalists and advocates.

4. Order Some T-shirts

Get a t-shirt with your company logo and value proposition on it plus wear it everywhere you go. If you have employees, get them some shirts too and require them to wear it while working for you.

5. Project Your Logo On The Street

I saw a company do this once downtown and thought it was a splendid idea. You can buy a projector and project your company logo on the sidewalk of a busy street at night.

It’s better to do this where there are lots of bars or clubs. However, your projection shouldn’t be just your logo, although it can be. Ideally, you want to add something that tells the passerby why they should even care.

advertising logo projector

6. Not-so-obvious Publicity Stunt

By now, I’m pretty sure that most people have caught on to publicity stunts. So the only ones that work are less evident. You probably have to throw in a little misdirection or something like that but the goal is to make it look really real!

7. Publish a Book

Besides blogging, public speaking or creating a course, there’s no better way to demonstrate that you’re an expert in a subject than publishing a book. To be honest, you probably won’t sell many copies of the book but it’ll boost your industry authority.

Preferably, you should get an ISBN number and print a paperback book. Make sure you’ve got some copies to give away at gatherings or to potential high-value prospects. Also, ensure that you make the book available online.

8. Sponsor Your Local Sports Team

Ok, even if you don’t have much of a budget, at least try to sponsor a small local sports team. The fact is it doesn’t have to be a big team like the Ottawa Senators. It could be a team in a competitive league. Just make sure they’ve got a decent fan base and have a plan for ROI.

9. Online Picture Contest

This is still one of the best online promotions that many companies can do. For instance, a spa or salon can ask customers to post a picture on their Facebook profile and tag the company. In return, the customer gets a chance to win a free session.

Do you have a creative idea for marketing a business that you’ll like to share? Drop them in the comments.

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