Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Likes or Fans

Facebook asking brands if they want to promote their page for likes is laughable!

We’ve long known that the organic reach on Facebook was decreased but more recently, it’s now lower than 1 percent. And that’s not just an opinion, it’s been verified by many other credible sources too.

One of our clients recently saw a drop from 250 – 300+ reach per day to a mere 20 – 30 daily. Plus the open letter from Mark Zuckerberg announcing changes to Facebook’s news feed this year, in my opinion, hints that ad prices on the platform are about to rise even further.

So if organic reach on Facebook is less than 1 percent, why are they still offering the promotion for page likes?

never buy facebook likes

Here’s the thing, even if you paid for page likes, it’s not valuable to your business anyway. Why? That’s because quite frankly, out of every 100 people, you won’t reach 1 of them.

Remember that organic reach is lower than 1 percent. So you’ll need to pay for a massive amount of page likes to reach only a tiny fraction of your followers. That you also need to pay cash to acquire, seriously!

I feel that the option to promote for page likes should be taken off their offers list unless they’re willing to let you reach all your fans or people that like your page. But the sad truth is that most businesses won’t see this debacle and would just pay for page likes anyhow.

The reason I can spot these things is that I’m an active marketer but a small business owner may not necessarily know this info. Hence, this post was created.

In a sense, it’s like saying, ‘hey, we know that you won’t reach most of the audience you’re paying for but we’ll take your money anyways!’

when you buy facebook page likes

I don’t think that’s ethical, do you?

I’m not suggesting that Facebook ads don’t work. They’re great for promoting your products or selling them, but I would caution buying Facebook fans (aka page likes). Whether legitimately as par this blog post or fraudulently to influence consumer perceptions of your brand, just don’t do it! Do so and you’re just throwing money away, literally.

Also, I get it! Facebook is a public company and as a result, has to increase its revenue each year but common… it’s only fair that since they’ve practically killed organic reach (in order to keep their platform useful), they also remove their page like ad service.

In fact, I’m sure many businesses will continue to buy Facebook page likes without being aware of the details laid out in this publication, only to later realize the mistake.

Now it’s your turn. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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