Boosting Business With Facebook Statistics and Analytics

Man analyzing social media statistics and analyticsSocial media has become a powerful tool in the field of business. Startup companies still on the verge of gaining momentum and gaining a wider audience can use social media to help them achieve those business goals. Most consumers today are almost always present on social media, especially Facebook. Many of them interact with businesses through their Facebook accounts. Today, we will help you understand how to use Facebook statistics and its analytics to build your brand.

Important Facebook Statistics

Facebook revealed that it has 1.44 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2015. It also reported that another 1.25 billion people who visited Facebook were mobile users and most of these users become fans of Facebook pages.

Fast forward to 2016 when the company reported a huge 1.79 billion monthly active users (Facebook MAU for short, reported on 11/02/2016). This number is expected to grow by 16% in 2017. This catapults the social networking site as a valuable website for businesses, making it a platform where companies can promote their products and services too.

How To Boost Business With Facebook

As a business owner, knowing how to interpret Facebook statistics and analytics, including social media statistics, in general, can be crucial to success. Facebook analytics allows businesses to benefit from the wide range of available audience information on the platform.

Here are some ways that you can use Facebook to boost business:

1) Have a Good Online Profile

The first step for tapping into all the advantages of being on Facebook is by putting up a Facebook page for your company. One obvious reason to do so is because you want to make a good first impression. Having a social media page with eye-catching visuals, a good number of likes and a high level of engagement among users will have a positive effect on the perception of your business.

2) Take Advantage of Facebook Tools

It’s essential to track social media numbers. By doing so, you can measure success and ensure that goals are being reached.

As an example, startup company A puts up a Facebook page to promote its brand of sneakers. The company promotes the sneakers on Facebook to catch the eye of young men between ages 18 to 25 years old. It checks its Facebook statistics to know if it has captured the attention of its target market based on page impressions and engagement.

One of the tracking tools used in social media is Facebook Insights, which gives businesses valuable Facebook stats about their audience. It can give your company a glimpse, not just of the user demographics but also how your audience behaves online, using metrics such as likes and shares.

3) Use Extended Networks to Grow Your Facebook Page

The Pew Research Center says 27% of adults aged 18-29 have over 500 friends on the social networking site. To a company, this is good news. Once a Facebook user likes a company’s post/product, he or she has the option to share it, which expands the post reach.

Another good news is that people expand their networks almost regularly. This can help your business win over more clients and catch the eyeballs of potential customers.

Tip: Good Content leads to Shares, which leads to more Reach!

4) Target and Retarget Through Ads

Sometimes, having a Facebook business page isn’t enough to ramp up brand awareness. You can use Facebook ads to reach more people and possible customers. These ads are the modern day equivalent of print advertisements. For startup businesses, they are powerful tools for reaching a wider audience.

5) Address Client Issues Immediately

Once a startup or small business goes on Facebook, it inches closer to its clients. It opens itself up to feedback, both negative and positive. Companies can act quickly to address complaints posted by Facebook users. Studies show that consumers like companies who listen to their complaints and answer their inquiries timely. You can use customer feedback as constructive criticism.

6) Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Texas Tech University study says companies in social media platforms have loyal clients. This is not at all surprising. Businesses with an online presence foster trust and goodwill with their customers. Being on Facebook also helps firms take their reputation a notch higher.

Consumers believe that companies with social media pages are more likely to be reliable than the alternative. This makes sense because, for one, they know how to reach you and second, being active on social can show off the human side of your business.

7) Increase Sales and Capture Leads

Social networking sites bring businesses in front of consumers. It puts companies and brands in the limelight for all consumers to see. With the right team in place, increasing company sales or lead conversion is easier. Social media marketing, spearheaded by Facebook ads can help you stay connected to clients.

Tip: Offer promos and sweepstakes that can attract more people.

8) Widen Your Customer Base

By maintaining a solid presence on Facebook, there’s a good chance of increasing interest in your company, its products, and services. Social network sites are amplifiers of business and it’s wise to use them well.

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Final Thoughts

For big and small companies, Facebook is a viable platform for marketing. No one can argue with that when faced with Facebook statistics showing 1.79 billion global monthly active users. Furthermore, as the number of Facebook users continues to soar, there’s no way for your company to go but up. Anticipate success on the horizon if you know how to use this platform wisely.

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