Delegation in Business: An Early Form of Automation

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defining delegationDelegation in business is the earliest form of automation before computers and web technology.

For most leaders, delegation is an important daily activity. Without it, an organization’s capacity to create, produce or serve its customers shrinks.

What is Delegation?

“Delegate to the point of abdication,”
– Warren 
Buffett, Investor.

Delegation is the process or act of shifting responsibility and authority for particular tasks, functions, and decisions. In other words, delegation means assigning the responsibility of doing a task to other individuals.

Delegation is an essential aspect for all leaders because, without it, productivity decreases and capacity shrinks.

New Leaders Struggle With Delegation

The biggest struggle for new leaders is that they want to do things themselves.
You’ve probably heard this old saying before: “do it yourself if you want it done right.” But, unfortunately, that mentality or way of thinking reduces productivity and development in any setting.

It’s a lot harder to grow if you’re always trying to do everything yourself.

Improving Productivity & Efficiency

Imagine how much more work you can do if you split yourself in two while maintaining the same knowledge and work ethics. Now imagine if you could split yourself into three, four, five, etc.

The point is: You can accomplish more work and in less time if you delegate. Transferring tasks to capable individuals will undoubtedly improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Think about what should be receiving your time.

For example, should you be spending your time writing proposals to potential clients or writing another article for your blog? For some people, spending time on the former will be more critical. For others, the latter will be crucial.

Personal Development

As a leader, you have important skills that you can teach your team. And the best way to teach your team is through coaching, but you can’t do that without time. Yet another reason why it’s important to delegate tasks.

Delegation creates time for leaders to teach and nurture future leaders. It also allows you as a leader to continue developing your skills and mind.

Empower Others

Something extraordinary tends to happen when people feel empowered – they get better.
Empowerment is the act of letting others become the experts even when they may surpass your abilities.


Empowering your team will force them to take a closer look at their development. This will inevitably decrease your workload and create more time for further accomplishments.

One person can register a company, but it takes a team to establish the brand. So doing everything yourself isn’t optimum. That’s why good leaders delegate.

Delegation in business is a form of automation that we’ve used for many years. It existed before computers and web technologies.

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