8 Ways to Create Content Faster

Good content creation takes time. That’s why most people find it challenging, especially with many things competing for peoples’ attention today. So you’re not alone if you want to know how to create content faster.

Creating high-quality content in less time without sacrificing quality can be crucial to a website’s success. For example, bloggers or publishers need to publish regularly to stand out and attract enough visitors.

Content marketing also generates 3 times as many leads and costs 62% less than outbound marketing.

It’s time to 10X your productivity. 

1. Plan Your Content in Advance

An effective way to create content faster is by planning. That way, you know what to do and how to proceed. 

Ideally, you should start with keyword research to find topics. Then set clear goals for each topic. Consider adding comments on the keyword spreadsheet. For example, “cornerstone content to help promote our managed WordPress services.”

Some questions to consider as you set goals include the following.

  • What do you want to achieve? 
  • Who is your target audience or audience segment for the piece? 
  • What will be the most exciting parts of this content to the audience?

Then create an editorial calendar or content schedule that includes all upcoming writing tasks and due dates. For example, start writing article Z or publish article X.

Having everything mapped out beforehand should help you avoid last-minute scrambling or inconsistencies.

Planning can also make content research and writing more efficient. That’s because, with a clear direction, you’ll spend less time searching for inspiration or struggling with writer’s block.

2. Create An Outline Before You Write

Consider creating the outline for every content you want to write first. 

Outlining can help you organize your thoughts and ideas logically and coherently. In other words, it enables you to identify the main points and arrange them in a way that flows smoothly from one idea to the next. 

This makes it easier to develop clear and concise copy. An outline also helps writers stay focused on the topic and avoid getting sidetracked by irrelevant information. 

In short, creating an outline before writing saves time and frustration.

3. Use Tools to Create Content Faster

Another way to speed up the content creation process is by using tools such as Jasper (an AI content writing assistant), Canva (for fast image content), or Grammarly (to catch grammar errors). These tools can save you time by providing a framework for your work. 

More specifically, you can reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and focus on the more creative aspects of content creation by leveraging tools.

For example, you could use a template with pre-written copy and design elements to create social media posts. That would streamline the process and ensure consistency across all of your content.

However, while tools are helpful, you shouldn’t rely on them exclusively. Instead, see them as another tool in your toolset. Originality and authenticity are what keep audiences engaged.

4. Outsource

Consider outsourcing some (or all) of your work if you need help keeping up with content creation demands. That will free up your time and allow you to focus on other essential tasks.

For example, Tech Help Canada helps businesses create content regularly for their blogs. You can also grab a monthly service customized to fit your website’s needs and accommodates SEO. Reach out if interested.

Further, ensure the provider has the expertise required for the task if outsourcing. And be sure to establish clear communication channels and set expectations upfront for clarity or understanding. 

Everyone should be on the same page.

5. Repurpose Existing Content

One other way to create content faster is by repurposing existing content. This means taking content you’ve already created and adapting it for use on different platforms or republishing in another format.

For example, you could turn your written blog post into a video or podcast episode. Or turn the information on an infographic into social media posts or email newsletters.

Repurposing content saves time and can help you reach new audiences. It can also reinforce your message across multiple channels and increase brand recognition.

Here are some do’s and don’ts when repurposing content.


  • Identify the most successful pieces of content and repurpose those accordingly.
  • Use different formats, such as video or whitepaper.
  • Update and improve the information or add value to it.
  • Promote the repurposed content (SEO, social, etc.).
  • Use analytics to track engagement and adjust as needed.


  • Copy and paste content without making any changes.
  • Repurpose content that didn’t perform well originally without significantly changing the angle.
  • Ignore copyright laws or plagiarism rules when using other people’s content.
  • Repurpose too often or too soon after publishing the original piece.
  • Forget to optimize for search.

While repurposing can save time, it’s no substitute for creating original content. Your audience expects fresh perspectives and ideas from your brand, so balance repurposed content with new ones.

6. Eliminate Distractions

One of the biggest obstacles to creating content fast is distractions. Whether it’s smartphone notifications, email alerts, or coworkers, distractions can derail focus and slow progress.

The best way to combat it is to establish a distraction-free workspace. That could mean closing your office door, turning off notifications on your phone or computer, or working from a quiet location.

Setting aside dedicated time for content creation is also helpful. Several productivity tools can help with this, such as time-tracking apps or website blockers.

Further, take care of yourself. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep, exercise, and healthy food. It’s harder to concentrate and be productive when people feel tired. 

7. Collaborate With Other Creators

Collaborating with others can be a powerful way to create content faster. That’s because you can divide tasks, bounce ideas off each other, and benefit from different perspectives and skill sets.

Consider forming a content team. This could include writers, designers, social media experts, and other professionals who can contribute to your content strategy. 

You could also reach out to other website owners, businesses, influencers, or thought leaders in your industry. For example, you can feature their insights or opinions in exchange for their contribution.

Here are some quick tips for working with others.

  • Set the expectations upfront. For example, ensure everyone knows the deadlines.
  • Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities or roles.
  • Stay in touch regularly throughout the process, but don’t micromanage.

8. Create Headlines in Advance

The headline is essential to any content because it’s the first thing people see. It immediately captures a person’s attention and convinces them to engage further.

So consider creating several headlines in advance; brainstorm potential headline ideas while compiling your content schedule.

Here are some great headline examples using this content topic.

  • Master the Art of Content Creation: 7 Tips to Speed Up Your Process
  • Create High-Quality Content in Record Time with These Expert Strategies
  • Maximize Your Productivity: How to Create Content Faster
  • The Ultimate Guide to Efficient Content Creation: Tips and Tricks for Better Workflow
  • Content Creation Hacks: How to Produce More Quality Work in Less Time
  • From Slowpoke to Speedster: Transform Your Content Creation Process with These Proven Methods
  • Boost Your Writing Efficiency: Learn How to Create Great Content Fast

Great headlines have some or all of the following qualities.

  • Attention-grabbing: The headline should catch the reader’s attention and make them want to engage more.
  • Concise and benefit-driven: Headlines should be clear and to the point, conveying the main idea and benefit of the article or content in a few words.
  • Relevant: The headline should be relevant to the audience.
  • Accurate: It should accurately reflect what is within the article or content.
  • Unique: A unique headline can set your content apart, making it more memorable.
  • Uses action verbs: Headlines that include action words can encourage readers to take action or engage with the content. For example, act, give, make, fix, etc.
  • SEO-friendly: Including important keywords in headlines can help improve search engine rankings, making it easier for readers to find your content online.

BONUS Tips For Faster Content Creation

Who doesn’t like bonuses?

Optimize Your Content For Different Channels

This is an excellent way to ensure your content fits each platform’s audience’s requirements and preferences. 

In addition, it can help you deliver a tailored message that’s most likely to resonate with the target audience. People have varying behaviors and expectations on different channels.

Identify Your Peak Productivity Times

Consider experimenting with different routines. For example, some people find that sitting at their desks first thing in the morning helps them enter a hyper-focused state. Others can’t stand mornings and are more productive later in the day.

Find what works for you. Start by focusing on your natural energy peaks and lulls throughout the day. Then structure your workday accordingly, so every content creation session aligns with times when your mental focus is highest.

Finding the ideal rhythm may take some time, but you can generate higher-quality content faster once you do.

Manage The Inner Critic

Have you ever experienced the frustration of constantly second-guessing yourself while creating something?

Everyone has a critical inner voice that, if left unchecked, can relentlessly hound them with negative thoughts or all the ways things could be better. 

While the inner critic helps identify errors and make improvements, it can also slow you down. So learn to trust your instincts and not get stuck in a cycle of demanding constant revisions.

Content Creations Is A Commitment

This article on how to create content fast is what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Use the strategies shared here to streamline your workflow and quickly produce content. But remember that content creation is a commitment.

It should be an ongoing process for websites because attracting traffic requires dedication and consistency. Search engine algorithms reward brands that consistently produce engaging and valuable content with more traffic.

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