9 Content Marketing Statistics That Prove It Works

Let’s jump right into these content marketing statistics, shall we? Content marketing has both lower up-front costs and deeper long-term benefits than paid search (source: Kapost – in collaboration with Eloqua). Content marketing costs 62% less & generates 3x as many leads than outbound marketing (Source: Demand Metric). More than 615 million devices now have … Read more

This Guide to Content Marketing Strategy is All You Need

content marketing planning

You are ‘standing’ in a crowd. The problem is that you are not ‘standing out’. In this battle of Internet supremacy where everyone is looking for attention, content marketing is the biggest weapon one can have. So how do you go about creating a winning content marketing strategy? Create, Captivate and Market Here are the … Read more

Content Writer: The Secret Sauce For Creating Better Content

As many more people search the Internet for information, good content remains a hot topic for many content marketing professionals. Great website content writers are in high demand as content marketing and SEO continues to outperform most traditional advertising practices. So what’s the secret sauce for becoming a better content writer? Well, actually, the real … Read more