GrammarlyGO: Grammarly Adds ChatGPT-like AI To Write Like You

Generative AI became a widely-used technology with the emergence of ChatGPT3 last year. Today ChatGPT has over 100 million users, prompting many companies to integrate generative AI to remain competitive. So it’s no surprise that Grammarly joined those brands this week, announcing they are implementing generative AI.

According to the report, the product will be called “GrammarlyGO,” a generative AI designed to accelerate productivity for writers. It’ll be able to craft content in your distinctive writing style and is set to launch sometime in the coming months.

Like ChatGPT, it can create content using text-based user instructions, such as ‘write a blog post about [topic].’

An example of how GrammarlyGO will work.

GrammarlyGO’s competitive advantage is that it can generate content in your usual writing style. This makes sense since the original purpose of Grammarly is to analyze the user’s content for typos, grammatical errors, and style. So they already have loads of data to leverage in training their AI.

GrammarlyGO Use Cases

  • Compose text using quick prompts.
  • Rewrite content for tone and clarity through prompts or inputting and selecting the text.
  • Rewrite content for specific needs, such as rewriting copy, so it’s longer or shorter.
  • Reply to emails by sharing them with GrammarlyGO. Users can ask it to reply through one-click prompts like “I’m interested” or “Not interested.”
  • Come up with great ideas faster (ideate). For example, users can generate outlines or lists.
  • Personalize voice and tone, and specify professional roles to generate content that fits.
  • GrammarlyGO will be able to suggest one-click prompts to help improve writing.

The product’s beta program will start in April, and GrammarlyGo will be available to users for free.

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