How Mobile Website Design or Responsive Web Design Works

Mobile website design using responsive web design illustrationMost of the world has gone mobile and it’s now the preferred choice for surfing the web. Today businesses need a mobile website design if they want to reach customers on mobile devices.

There are two common approaches to mobile sites and these are responsive web design and standalone (or separate like

If you choose to use a separate approach, you may encounter duplicate content issues with search engines. Also, you’ll most likely have to update both versions of your site whenever an update is made. Not very convenient, is it?

This is why it’s better to use a responsive layout for good mobile experience. In fact, Google has publicly recommended this: Why Responsive Web Design

Rather than having duplicate content pages, which can cause duplication issues in SEO, just load the same web pages for all devices. This method allows your pages to adapt whenever they’re introduced to different screen sizes. Therefore, making smart rendering decisions on devices like smartphones, tablets etc.

Ever since Google rolled out their mobile-friendly update, we’ve been seeing responsive sites outrank their competitors. So we took some time to create a visual illustration that shows how they work. We’ve included a definition of the process, key facts and current mobile surfing stats.

How Responsive Web Design Works

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how mobile web design works

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The headaches that can arise from not using a responsive method can be painful and costly. It can cause duplicate content issues within your domain, which hurts how you rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Go responsive to remove any potential crawl/duplicate content problems.

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