Are Robots Replacing Human Jobs? How to Remain Relevant Today

Robots replacing human jobs aren’t the only things we should be worried about. In fact, the world economy as a whole will suffer if the human race isn’t prepared for this revolution.

But for many of us, we’re still in denial that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually replace most workers. So let’s take a look at how things are currently changing.

Did you know that there’re bots that have been taught to write?

Similar to content spinning bots that spammers use, Wordsmith from Automated Insights is a bot that generates natural language narratives from data. And you literally can’t tell the difference between it and a human writer. You can view samples of its work here: Wordsmith Samples

What about things like coffee baristas or food delivery?

Well, they say seeing is believing, so here’s a video that you really should watch:

And in the case of the food industry, you’ve probably heard of the burger flipping or food making robot but what about food delivery?

Then there’s the fact that the adoption of self-driving cars is projected to increase. David Galland, CEO of Mauldin Economics, wrote on Forbes in March 2017 about his research.

He believes that there will be 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020, with one in four cars being self-driving by 2030. But he also thinks that his estimates are too conservative, yikes!

Even the legal industry isn’t safe! For example, one of the most crucial parts of a lawyer’s job is to draft legal documents. But bots can draft legal docs just as much as any lawyer could!

Some people argue that mistakes happen and even a bot won’t be perfect, but humans aren’t flawless either. Yes, mistakes happen and a bot or AI just has to make less of it to take your job.

“But I’m a marketer, no AI can do my job” – Maybe not perfectly right now but it’s doubtful that an AI couldn’t direct the marketing of a product.

In theory, all the AI (bot or software) has to do is analyze successful marketing campaigns from the past (like say… 10 years ago) and replicate the process with a few tweaks based on modern consumer behavior.

Do you still think that a robot couldn’t do your job?

Common, this technology beats people at chess! Even sales jobs are going to be replaced and it’s probably already started.

According to HubSpot, there’s likelihood that 92 percent of salespeople will be replaced with AI. And Matthew King makes a strong case for this in his article: Why 95% of Salespeople Will be Replaced by AI Within 20 years and Why Microsoft Will Beat Salesforce to It

So where does all of this leave us, humans?

There’s talk about a Universal Basic Income, which is currently being tested in some small cities in Europe and North America. It essentially means that the government pays you every month to cover all your basic needs.

It’s practically free money that you won’t have to work for, much like social assistance. And it just might be the future of work because the world economies are indeed shifting at a rapid rate due to new technological advancements (but this is a good thing).

When we look at history, human beings have always invented or engineered products that help us become more productive. From horse carriages to cars and typewriters to computers, we’ve always invented things to make our lives better.

Today is no different and we’re just evolving for the better! So we need to embrace this change and start looking at the current work we do with a long-term view.

Will you need to learn a new skill? What else are you good at? These are just some of the questions we need to ask ourselves.

How to Remain Relevant in Spite of AI

The following music was written and composed by an AI named Emily Howell, enjoy!

One of the questions in almost everyone’s mind right now is, “how do I remain relevant in the face of AI”.

Here are some tips that should help you do that.

1. Branding Will Separate You From The Rest

Yes, building a brand is a bot-survival strategy! Listen, no matter how good bots become, a company or personal brand will always give you an edge over those without.

Branding isn’t just about a company logo, business card or other marketing materials. It’s much more than that!

People build trust and emotional connections with brands. That’s why having a strong brand is among the top ways of increasing the value of any company.

2. Sometimes Fear is a Good Thing

In this situation, the worse thing you can do is to ignore it. First, accept that you’re afraid of this economic trend, and then consider your options or what you can do.

When we’re afraid, we work harder to prevent the unappealing or devastating future in question. When we’re not, we tend to dismiss others and ignore the entire problem altogether.

So give yourself a pat on the back because you’re reading this publication. Therefore, you too, are aware of the robot revolution that’s coming…

Actually, NO, it’s happening (at a small scale)! Because let’s face it, it’s already here and to see it, people must open their minds.

My point is that if you can see something coming, you can prepare for it.

3. Learn New Skills

The following exercise might help.

What did you love doing when you were a child? Now, ask yourself, how has that industry evolved and what’re people being paid to do today? The latter demands some research.

Answering the above-mentioned questions may help you figure out what you want to learn next. But it can also help you identify things you’ll enjoy doing too.

While needing to learn something new may not apply to you specifically, most people will have to learn new skills to survive. A good starting point is to know what to avoid by checking out Forbes Top 20 Disappearing Jobs.

Make sure that you’re researching the state of the industry that you intend to migrate into.

4. Start Diversifying Your Sources of Income

You can and should have more than one source of income. Every income source will start small but it’s your job to grow and build a brand around them.

For example, you could do some construction work on the weekends, sell shoes online through your e-commerce store and go to your current job Mon – Fri. That’s three income sources right there!

This way, when one drops or disappears, you can focus on the others. It might not seem possible at first, but you can have as many income sources as you would like.

One thing all millionaires and billionaires have in common is that they all have multiple income streams.

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5. Keep Doing Things

As previously mentioned, you may not have to learn new skills but you’ll certainly need experiences. So keep doing things and take career chances. In other words, keep hustling!

So what do you think? Is AI coming for your job? Let us know in the comments section below.

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