The Complete SEO Course or Training With Expert Gabriel Nwatarali

Hey there, welcome to the course! Like the SEO industry, this course will be ever-changing. That’s because it’ll be consistently updated to reflect crucial industry adjustments.

After years of doing SEO, publishing, and contributing knowledge, I decided it was time to do more. This course is only the first of many to come. As a subscriber, you’ll be notified whenever a change is made to a particular resource. If you have not yet subscribed, please do so here.

This course is something I’m working on in between everything else, so it might take a while to complete. 🙂

So, What’s Covered in This Free SEO Course?

This SEO training covers everything you need to know to dominate search engines and make your competitors eat your DUST (figuratively, of course).

We’ll be covering…

  1. Keywords
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-page SEO
  4. Local SEO
  5. Content marketing
  6. Setting your website up for success in Google, Bing, and Others
  7. Timeframe
  8. And much more

Prerequisites For This SEO Course

You need to know how to use search engines on a basic level, and although you don’t have to learn how to code, you need to know how to build a website. Fortunately, WordPress makes it really easy to do so.

You should also familiarize yourself with basic HTML (optional but helpful). You can do that via W3 Schools.

Success with this online SEO course will depend on whether or not you have a goal that you’re passionate about.

People who have definite objectives take action towards achieving them and they don’t just throw in the towel. They keep pushing forward until they accomplish their objective, that’s how winning is done.

Gabriel Nwatarali

You Have to Know Your ‘WHY’!

Is it to build a better life for your children, help your family, get out of poverty, or create a successful business? Whatever it is, just know why you’re taking this course; hold on to that, and you’ll succeed.

All right, let’s jump right in. You can Bookmark this page or add it to your browser favorites if you like, as more resources will be added as they’re developed.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • What is SEO
  • Overview of SEO components: On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO

Chapter 2: Keywords

This section of the training resource will be released in 5 parts.

Chapter 3: On-page SEO

Chapter 4: Off-page SEO

Chapter 5: Technical SEO

Chapter 6: Tracking Success and Adjusting Strategies

Chapter 7: Getting Your First Client

  • Introduction to freelancing
  • Overview of the SEO services market
  • Identifying your unique value proposition as an SEO specialist
  • Building your portfolio
  • Setting up your online presence
  • Networking and outreach
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • SEO proposal writing and pitching
  • How to negotiate terms and pricing confidently
  • Steps to ensure a smooth onboarding process for new clients
  • Setting expectations and initial planning sessions
  • Best practices for client communication and regular reporting
  • How to ensure client satisfaction and secure ongoing engagements

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