Google Helpful Content Update: Everything You Should Know

A man with binoculars sticking his head out of a screen - Helpful Content Update

Search engine algorithms continue to evolve, prioritizing delivering more relevant and meaningful content to users. Google’s helpful content update (or “Helpful Content System”) is the latest in the hundreds of … Read more

Content in SEO: Role and Strategies for Small Businesses

A woman sitting by her laptop - content in SEO

What’s the role of content in SEO? Content and SEO are intertwined. Quality content not only improves search engine rankings but also drives organic traffic. Maximizing content in SEO is … Read more

Business Listing Sites or Citation Sources For Canadian Businesses

A man and woman jumping with joy - an illustration for this post about business listing sites

Business listing sites can help companies gain exposure on the web. But local companies, in particular, can win big when they list on the right website directories. You see, what … Read more

SEO Copywriting Tips For Businesses

Image with buildings and text that contains an SEO copywriting tip

Write better content and improve rankings with some simple SEO copywriting tips. If you’re a business owner or marketing professional, you know having well-written content on your website is vital. … Read more

Why Sustainable SEO Is Key (And How to Achieve It)

Happy business owner and a text that somewhat explains the need for sustainable SEO

SEO is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. But it can be challenging to achieve good SEO results without doing the right things. More specifically, you can … Read more

How To Save Time On SEO Proposals & Reduce Client Ghosting

how to save time on SEO proposals

Ever had a potential customer request an SEO proposal before ever getting on a call? SEO Proposals take time to create, but they are a critical sales asset because a … Read more

Keyword Optimization Is Not Black and White

keyword optimization

When optimizing websites, many SEO novices make the mistake of assuming everything is absolute. However, nothing is ever absolute with SEO. We have to consider all the variables and make … Read more

What Attorneys Need to Know About SEO Now and Beyond

Much has changed in the legal world since the pandemic – while the laws may have stayed the same, how lawyers operate and find clients has drastically shifted from previous … Read more

NLP Developments That Changed SEO (And How to Leverage Them)

Key advancements in NLP (natural language processing) are helping machines understand human language better, which has changed SEO forever. This article explores those NLP developments and how we can leverage … Read more

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