Leveraging Business Text Messaging to Boost Customer Interactions

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business text messagingOne of the toughest issues companies face today is the increasing demand for customer satisfaction. Customers want more out of businesses or brands, even beyond what they’re actually offering.

They have shorter attention spans and they’re more discerning when brands initiate some form of engagement. On top of it all, clients interact with businesses using multiple touch points – there’s email, social media, product forums, instant messaging, and so on.

As such, businesses find the need to connect to customers through every channel imaginable. Some have chosen the most technologically advanced methods like video conferencing or complicated customer service ticketing or even fax systems.

Others have chosen to take advantage of the mobile revolution and communicate using what perhaps is the most basic component of mobility still being heavily utilized today, which is text messaging.

Below are some simple ways in which you could use business SMS (short message service) to boost customer interactions.

Deliver Information About Promotions Through SMS

Throughout the years, the efficiency and immediacy that text messaging has been providing can’t be disputed. In a study by Mobilesquared, it is said that around 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes after delivery. This makes SMS the perfect platform for instant reach – in the sales and marketing context, that is.

For starters, you can text your prospects or customers with information on limited offers. You can customize these messages to be sent to segmented or targeted audiences if you like.

You can instruct them to download your mobile apps or perform other actions such as visiting a survey page. Also, to drop by your store’s nearby branch for a special discount (triggered when their location services are on) and much more.

There are so many possibilities that you can try out to engage your customers.

Try Delivering Customer Service via SMS

A study from mobile messaging service HeyWire revealed that majority of U.S. consumers would rather correspond via text messaging instead of the usual methods of reaching customer support.

This means that there’s really an emerging opportunity for companies to improve customer satisfaction rates via text messaging.

It would also make sense to offer text-based customer service, especially when you have the manpower available to respond to individual queries. It’s particularly ideal for small businesses.

When the customer stumbles upon a problem about a product purchased or a service acquired, he or she can just text the business owner and expect a quick resolution. In some cases, even a personal visit.

For bigger companies, a customer service representative can be assigned to handle issues communicated over text. If this is your situation, you’ll need to utilize a cloud-based platform that can handle sent and received business SMS through an interface.

Very much like how one would view and respond to emails on Outlook or Gmail.

Send Reminders to Customers via Text Messages

Similar to the first suggestion, businesses can also choose to send reminders to customers via SMS. You probably have received some of those bulk robotic messages your mobile carrier habitually sends, so this might be familiar to you.

This can also be another good use for business SMS. They may be impersonal but they get the job done of getting your message across.

For example, you offer a cloud-based payroll service and you’re going to have a scheduled downtime. You can’t possibly call your customers one by one to tell them this is happening but you can opt to send out emails to inform them.

The problem is, not every one of them has instant access to their office email so you need to find another way to alert them. You can send out a text blast to instantly inform your subscribers about the upcoming event as a secondary measure.

If you’re going to try this route, look for a provider that offers unlimited texting so there won’t be any additional charges.

Start reaching out to customers today using any of these tried and tested methods to give your business a much-needed boost.

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