How to Improve Sales and Profits With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an integral part in positioning a business for success. Yet few organizations understand the impact that SEO has in marketing today! Do you understand how significant SEO is to your company’s growth? More than 90 percent of consumers prefer search engines when it comes to discovering and accessing information online, … Read more

11 SEO Tips For Improving Your Construction Business

In a world of digitization, one of the top priorities for many CEOs is implementing modern methods for reaching and attracting new business. This is why many have turned to digital marketing strategies like SEO (search engine optimization) to boost sales. If you want to turn your construction business’s website into an invaluable asset that … Read more

Link Building Strategies for SEO: How to Get Backlinks!

Finding the right set of link building strategies and acquiring backlinks to your website can be difficult, time-consuming and often intimidating. In fact, it can be heartbreaking! You pay (or DIY) to design your website, spend hours writing content and then submit your website to search engines. One week later, you realize that you’ve got no … Read more

What SEO Success Looks Like And 5 Things You Must Do This Year

seo success

Operating a successful small business online or offline is highly dependent on traffic, whether it’s local or on the web, you’ll always need ‘eyeballs’. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline aimed at improving the ranking positions of web pages on search engines results pages (SERPs). A strong SEO strategy is crucial today because … Read more

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Explained

google mobile friendly update

On April 21, 2015, Google launched its mobile-friendly update and it impacted most of the mobile search results. The release was first announced on Google’s official blog. So what does this mean for your website and how does it impact SEO? The update affects mobile search results in the following ways: It’s designed to give ranking … Read more

Google’s new implementation to fight the Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo deal

Google's new implementation to fight the Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo deal

Note to reader: This post was published on Feb 2, 2015. Google’s new implementation to fight the Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo deal is brilliant! If you’re a webmaster or SEO expert, you have probably heard of the Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo deal that happened in late November 2014. Yahoo and Mozilla announced that Yahoo will become … Read more